12 Low-Carb Foods that Energize and Really Fill You Up!

Low-Carb Meals

When you’re trying to follow a low-carb diet, it’s easy to concentrate on the ingredients and foods you are probably cutting back on and miss out on how delicious meals could be substituted with heavy carbs. After all, many of us are brought up to believe that a meal isn’t complete without a side of a bowl of pasta. However, low-carb meals can be delicious too.

That is particularly true with those low carb foods. They focus on the wholesome ingredients you enjoy, not the ones you skimp on. Whether you want to limit carbs as far as possible or burn a few foods, you won’t sacrifice flavor with these 18 delicious, energizing low-carb meals.

1. Balsamic Glazed Steak Rolls

Get a serving of veggies in each bite of these tender steak rolls. The beef marinates in a Worcestershire sauce and then gets rolled up around whatever crispy veggies you have on hand. Pan sear them top with a balsamic glaze for a hot low-carb meal.

2. Beef and Chorizo Empanadas

Not only are those empanadas low carb, but they are also fermented. You use almond flour and cheese for the dough, then stuff these with ground beef, a pork sausage choice (I like chicken!) And eggs to get a whole lot of protein.

3. Steak Teriyaki Lettuce Cups

These carrot cups are so hearty it’s hard to believe you are not chowing down on noodles as well. The best part about is this low carb main dish cooks throughout the day in a toaster. My only suggestion would be to use arrowroot powder to thicken up the sauce in place of cornstarch.

4. Caprese Balsamic Chicken

Add a little extra protein into your Caprese salad using this balsamic chicken version. Cooking the meat with garlic, balsamic vinegar, and a touch of sugar (attempt coconut sugar) and finishing it off in the oven with fresh mozzarella means you will have A juicy, melty poultry you won’t be able to quit eating. Serve atop your favorite salad for a complete meal.

5. Carrot Taco Shell

I may have cheated a little bit here, but I needed to add it since this recipe is straightforward and genius! Skip preservative-laden taco shells out of the store and make your carrot version instead! Use these cubes and materials with your favorite fillings: Tex-Mex inspired with black beans, onions and peppers, eggs, spinach, and feta cheese to get a low-carb version or call your favorite salad fixings.

6. Chunky No Bean Chili

This among those low carb foods that are ideal for those who enjoy their chili without beans. A few unique spices, like allspice and balsamic vinegar, mean this meaty version lacks flavor. It’s easily adaptable to get a toaster, also!

7. Curried Salmon Patties

Each patty is packed with spinach, zucchini, and an egg to keep it all together — and a zap into the taste buds, courtesy of this curry, and red pepper flakes! These salmon patties freeze nicely, so make an excess batch to have on hand for a quick dinner or lunch.

8. Easy Oven Fajitas

This veggie-heavy fajita recipe is accessible on the pocket and cooked in the oven to get this extra charred goodness. It’s nearly like using the grill! I like the homemade seasoning in this one. It elevates the quality of this main low-carb dish.

9. Julia Child’s Eggplant Pizza

Can you go wrong using a Julia Child recipe? These little pizzas use thick eggplant pieces rather than dough to get a hearty, low-fat alternative. As there are so few ingredients, go with the highest quality veggies you can find. This recipe is well worth it!

10. Lime and Coconut Chicken Burgers

These spicy burgers are great on the grill during warmer months and equally as tasty when produced in a skillet while dreaming of summer. They are also readily adaptable to whatever fresh herbs are all around. Consider serving with roasted carrot sticks for a hamburger and fries meal, which doesn’t disappoint.

11. Mexican Casserole

Most Mexican dishes are heavy on the tortillas, but this one has creative with cauliflower as the foundation instead. Bursting with fresh onions, onions, tomatoes, and jalapenos, this vegetarian dish includes a delicious twist to it well.

12. Poached Eggs Over Turkey Sausage and Wilted Spinach

The incremental instructions on poaching an egg turn another bland egg meal into a fancy low-carb, high-protein dish. Serve this to get breakfast in dinner night with one caveat: Skip the processed patties and use a homemade version instead, like my Sage Chicken Breakfast Patties or Turkey Breakfast Sausage.


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