Can a Vegan Diet be a Solution to all Problems?

Vegan Diet

The latest research indicates that the new all-vegan trend might actually be worth following and not only because everyone is doing it. It can prove to be beneficial for our planet as well.

Can a Vegan Diet be a Solution to all Problems

Going vegan is more eco-friendly than slaughtering animals daily for our food requirements. It can prove to be one very effective way of lowering Earth’s pollution, mainly carbon emission that is a by-product of converting agricultural lands into commercial sites. This, in turn, can lead to producing high-quality agricultural products while saving our natural reserves of forests, water bodies, and grassy areas.

Meatatarian Diet vs. Vegan Diet:

A study conducted by the journal Nature Communications (Erb) concluded that by 2050 when the world population would be an estimated 9.3 billion, an all-vegan diet among everyone would be a sure way to achieve 100% environmental and food sustainability goals.
On the other hand, if everyone followed a meat-based diet, these goals would drop down to only 15%.

Livestock Problems:

The massively growing demand for meat is slowly reducing forest areas. When the demand increases, more fertile land has to be converted to grazing pasture to meet people’s needs. Although all livestock animals are capable of grazing because they aren’t very productive due to the increased demands, the area for ranges runs low, hence reducing forests to turn into fields.

If more people went the vegan way, the damage to our forests could be significantly minimized

Vegan Diet is Environment Friendly:

  • Availability of land: The demand for more meat leads to creating new pastures, thus reducing available land for humans. This can be reduced by going vegan.
  • Availability of water: Several meat-loving countries face a water crisis as all the livestock and poultry combined consume more water than it takes to grow vegetables.
    Protection of Forests: Deforestation is a result of needing more land for pastures. This can be avoided if people adopted a vegan diet.
  • Less Waste Production: Waste products of animals are continually poisoning the earth. Landfills are filled with animal waste, and they are always polluting the environment via poisonous gases, leaks, overflows, etc.
  • Less Air Pollution: Animals produce unpleasant smells. The gases discharging from the greenhouse are a severe threat to the ozone layer. Ammonia is another dangerous gas that comes from livestock. All this is wreaking havoc on our environment and can be avoided by turning to a vegetarian diet.
  • Control of diseases: Animal wastes are a massive cause of diseases like Ecoli, salmonella, etc. The growth-enhancing feed being provided to livestock can affect human health like hormonal health.
  • Cost-Effective: Meat is mostly way more expensive than vegetables and fruits, causing an economic imbalance. Meat-eating can further result in health issues, which would mean spending more money to fix health problems. A vegetarian diet would undoubtedly prove to be more economical and health-friendly.

Several of the problems currently prevalent in our society can be avoided if people opted for a vegan diet. From health benefits to social ones to even environmental and economic ones, a vegan diet offers a great alternative to a meat-based diet.


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